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Maple (American) Planed Timber

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Planed Maple (American) Timber:

Planed Maple timber is commonly a straight-grained timber with a visual fine texture. The colour of Maple is usually described as a very light and creamy coloured with some slightly reddish-brown hints.

Planed Maple wood can be stained, glued and polished to a very satisfactory level. It is recommended when screwing the Maple timber, due to its density, to first make pilot holes.

Maple heartwood is a uniform, very, pale brown/red in colour. Maple is very often used for skiting boards, architrave, and cover fillets. Maple is an excellent timber for planed timber and is a common bestselling timber on Woodubuy.

Planed Maple wood is ideal for high / heavy traffic and frequently used areas thanks to its high timber strength, hardness and resistance to abrasion.

It should be noted that planed Maple timber could require a little more work to finish compared with other planed timber options. Maple timber could need a staining conditioner to create a consistent colour.

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Timber Details:

Available Dimensions:
Thickness: 8 - mm
Width: 10 - 215 mm
Length: 600 - 3000 mm

Usage: Internal
This wood is recommended for internal application.

Material Type:

Durability Notes:
Although American (hard) Maple is more durable than some other maples, hard maple has little natural resistance to insects and fungi, and can be attacked by common furniture beetle. The sapwood is can be treated, but the heartwood is resistant.

Typical Uses:
Furniture, musical instruments and interior joinery. Because of its resistance or abrasion, hard maple is suitable for heavy-duty flooring, and is used for roller-skating rinks, dance floors, squash courts and bowling alleys. It is also used for butchers' blocks, rollers in the textile industry, sports goods, casks and woodenware. Select figured stock is peeled for bird's-eye figure, or sliced to make fiddle back, mottled, cutly or blistered veneers.

Reviews - Maple (American) PAR:

Customer reviews: 4.88 / 5.0, based on 2 reviews.

“Great timber, thanks for sourcing it for me.„ Reviewed by Browns Kitchen SW on 14 Dec 2022

“Fantastic timber, perfect for the job.„ Reviewed by DS on 15 Aug 2022


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