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Useful Sawn and Planed Wood Articles (20)

A selection of useful articles and information relating to sawn and planed timber. Planed wood is often referred to as planed squared edge (PSE) or planed all round (PAR). These articles are design to assist in choosing the best wood for sawn timber, the best uses for planed squared edge, how to measure sawn timber and the differences between sawn and planed timber. We hope these timber articles will assist you, whether you work on home renovations and DIY or if you are a professional in the construction or timber industries.

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Information about PSE/PAR and Sawn Wood Boards:

Hardwoods and Softwoods

Difference between timbers.

An in-depth article on the differences between hard and soft wood.

Published: 26/07/2023

Planed Timber Explained

Planed Wood - What is PSE and PAR?

An informative article on planed wood and the various types.

Published: 24/07/2023

Any One Wood, the free online interactive timber database

Making timber selection easy!

Introducing a new free way to research the perfect timber for your project

Published: 10/05/2023

The most popular Hardwoods in the UK for timber boards

Hardwood availability in the UK

Information on readily available hardwoods with examples on how they can be used.

Published: 20/03/2023

How to store timber to prevent warping

Care and storage guides

This article provides hints and tips on how to store your timber for the best results.

Published: 04/03/2023

Introducing American Black Walnut

Ways to use Black Walnut timber

An article on the properties of walnut with examples of how the wood is used along with recommendations.

Published: 15/02/2023

Plain Sawn, Rift Sawn and Quarter Sawn Explained

How timber logs are sawn to make boards

An article explaining the three different ways timber is sawn

Published: 28/01/2023

European Beech Properties explained

All you need to know about Beech

Facts, FAQ’s, specifications, growing locations and all you need to know about beech

Published: 21/01/2023

How to buy wood and timber

Different ways to buy wood

An article explaining the four main ways to buy wood and timber boards.

Published: 07/01/2023

Timber finishes explained

Get the correct size and finish

The differences between finishes and how to specify cut to length timber.

Published: 20/12/2022

How tall do trees grow?

Details on tree heights

An article on how tall trees grow with a focus on hardwoods and softwoods

Published: 14/12/2022

Timber Colour Guide.

A list of timber colours and examples.

An article introducing different timber colour classifications with species examples.

Published: 05/12/2022

How to hand plane timber

Hints and tips on planing timber

A short guide on how to plane sawn timber.

Published: 12/11/2022

How cold weather can affect timber

How timber shrinks in the cold

An article explaining how cold weather can effect timber products

Published: 10/11/2022

3 ways to use sawn timber

Alternative uses for sawn timber

Use sawn timber to make furniture, art or decorations.

Published: 23/10/2022

Planed Timber: What is it Used For?

How to use planed timber in the home.

A guide to the best uses of planed timber in home improvement.

Published: 18/10/2022

How to calculate the weight of wood

Wooduweigh – The wood weight calculator

An real time calculator that allows you calculate the weight of multiple timbers.

Published: 12/10/2022

Sawn Timber Vs PSE

Sawn Timber and PSE explained.

A Woodubuy practical article on the main differences between sawn timber and planed squared edge.

Published: 07/10/2022

How To Measure Timber

A Practical Guide to Measuring.

A Woodubuy practical guide on how to measure planed timber with an explanation on board sizes to get the best results.

Published: 22/09/2022

Introducing Woodubuy

The new sawn timber online store.

Instant prices for UK delivery of sawn and planed timber.

Published: 03/09/2022