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Planed and Sawn Timber FAQ's

Please find below a number of frequently asked questions about our services at Woodubuy and general questions about sawn timber and planed all round timber. We regularly update this section with useful information on timber sizes, timber application and uses. If you have a question about sawn timber or planed timber then please get in touch.

Timber Frequently asked questions:

We deliver sawn timber and planed wood (PSE/PAR) to any address in the UK

Our supplier and delivery network is nationwide, this allows us to deliver sawn timber and, machined to order, planed square edged (PSE) to addresses across the UK. At the checkout page you will be asked for your delivery postcode, which will then create a delivery price for your order based on the total weight.

Planed all round (PAR) means that all of the wood's surfaces have been 'planed'.

Planed timber can be used in many ways including flooring, shelving, fencing or anything that requires planed edge timber. Buying planed timber online is not always an easy process. Many companies offer pre-cut planed timber in only a few wood species and in certain sizes. This can be a solution if you have a simple timber requirement but in most cases, for the perfect finish, and less preparation work on site, it's always best to order planed timber cut to size in the timber of your choice.

Cut to size planed timber is better than off the shelf timber boards as there is less waste and it's far more convenient for the final application

Planed timber can be in both hardwood or softwood and is almost always supplied as unfinished or untreated, sanding maybe required. All allowing you to finish the planed timber with your desired coating.

Sawn timber requires less preparation than planed timber

The answer is quite simple, sawn timber is raw timber cut to the lengths and sizes of your choice with no further preparation. Planed Timber goes through the same process but then there are machining costs and time to plane the edges of the timber smooth, this is the reason why sawn timber is cheaper than planed timber.

Treated Softwood can be as good as hardwood.

Properly treated softwood is expected to perform very well compared to a hardwood that is naturally durable. There are many more factors that influence the choice of your wood. Not all hardwoods can be used outside.

UK standard timber sizes.

It will depend on the wood species. Typically - softwood is supplied in lengths, in increments of 300mm (30cm) - examples: 1.80m 2.10m 2.40m 2.70m 3.0m 3.30m 3.60m 3.90m 4.20m 4.50m 4.80m 5.10m 5.40m 5.70m 6.0m and 6.30m. Timber merchants, in general won't stock the shorter lengths and will prefer to sell the longer pieces for cutting by you. The lengths are an approximation of the old imperial sizes, in feet, hence the 300mm increments.

The measurements of nominal lumber is the size of the board before it has been planed smooth to its final dimensions

Nominal size is the term used for sawn timber, prior to it being machined wood. For example, 25x50mm nominal sawn would finish as machined timber at approx. 20x45mm. As a rule of thumb, you should remember to allow for a variance of 5-10mm off each dimension between sawing and machining.

At Woodubuy our sawn and planed timber is sustainably sourced.

Woodubuy is a sustainable business and all of our activities are carried out with careful consideration to the impact that we may have on the environment. Working with wood is a sensitive subject, environmentally, but managed correctly it is a uniquely renewable natural resource.

Timber is one of the most sustainable and environmentally favourable construction materials available. This is due to its; absorption of carbon dioxide while growing, adaptability as a product and recyclability or use as a biofuel.

To ensure that this remains the case - we carefully select our manufacturers to ensure they are fully aware of their obligations with regard to the importing and sourcing of timber. They ensure it is sourced from well-managed, credibly certified forests so that the risk of deforestation is eliminated. Illegal timber poses a real threat to the timber industry. It is therefore important that, collectively, we take responsibility for our part in the process.

All of our Timber products are delivered nationally in the UK

Delivery is dependent on the timber you choose, delivery address, the quantity of length and whether it is sawn timber or planed all round timber. Normally we aim to have delivery within 7-12 days, Usually this is quicker but can take longer. Once the order is confirmed we will give you an estimated delivery date and keep you informed during the manufacturing process.

Collection is possible, with agreement.

Yes, collection is possible but will need to be agreed in advance. We prefer to deliver the sawn and planed timber direct to your desired location.

Secure payments are managed by Stripe.

We use the online payment partner, Stripe, to process and manage all of our online transactions. We do not store, or at any time, have access to your credit or debit card information. If you do not wish to pay via the Stripe, using your credit card, we offer an offline facility at the checkout stage, where you can pay for your timber via bank transfer.

Woodubuy is run by Wooduchoose.

Woodubuy offers wood direct to the consumer and is owned by, part of the WoodU group, an online timber marketplace and wood specialist. Offering custom and bespoke timber mouldings and much more. Wooduchoose specialises in sourcing multiple quotes from an established joinery network across the UK. A timber price comparison site, this way the buyer gets multiple quotes in one place.

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Primarily reviews are from Woodubuy customers and website users. Some of our reviews are about the wood species by woodworkers and joiners that have used this type of wood. Some are from customers who have used our services from our parent site Wooduchoose.

If you have a question about sawn or planed timber please contact Woodubuy.