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online wood and timber database

If you are looking to undertake a woodworking project and you are not sure which would be the best timber to use then look no further than the new online timber database,

This new online resource database is brought to you free of charge in partnership with our sister site Wooduchoose. In the database there are multiple search options and an easy to use knowledge base, which we will explain in ore details further in this article.

Any One Wood: The Ultimate Timber Resource

The main objective of the AnyOneWood database is to provide as much knowledge and information on available timbers to assist people with selecting materials for any woodworking project.

A key feature of the timber resource database is the knowledge base, a section were you can browse for timbers based on the type pf project you are intending to make or build.

Once you browse the timbers you can compare results and choose potential timbers based on a shared colour workability or price range.

The database is interactive and uses a learning algorithm to help show popular timbers and learn how users select timbers based on the intended usage.

The online wood database is free to use and can be access around the world. The database will continue to grow with new filters and data being added at regular intervals.

Online database to help choose the best wood for sawn and planed timber:

Choosing the correct timber for your project is ultimately a personal decision but it's always best to research the properties and suitability of the timber, based on their final usage application. On this site we have published a number of woodworking articles to assist selection, such as 'What are the most popular Harwoods in the UK for timber boards?' and 'A guide to different timber colours' but the new online wood database makes the selection of timber much simpler.

When browsing you can start by either choosing hardwoods or softwoods, or by searching filters such as the workability filter, but it may be easier to visit the knowledge base, where you can browse or search the type of project you are looking to build, then you will be shown a range of suitable timbers for that application

For example, of you are looking to find the best wood for sawn timber you can search and will be taken to a sawn timber knowledge base article listing all of the recommended woods. is the ultimate resource to find the best wood for paned timber and sawn timber boards.

Multiple search methods to find the perfect timber:

search tree heights

The most basic search on the online wood database is to browse by either hardwoods or softwoods, but AnyOneWood does have a number of unique filter searches including the following:

Each of the above filters allow you to apply advanced filters to the results by using a range of all of the available filters.

How to access the online wood database:

Accessing the most extensive online wood database could not be more easy, simply click the link below and you will be able to instantly research and brows the most extensive range of timbers from around the world, see the next link:

Published: 10/05/2023

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