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Sapele Planed Timber

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600 - 4200 mm
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Planed Sapele Timber:

Sapele timber is predominantly from West Africa but is sourced from other areas. Sapele is a reddish-brown hardwood. Although some parts of the Sapele logs will produce straight-grain or 'quartered' effect, generally it has a more random grain appearance, thus meaning it is liable to interlocked grain.

Sapele is the ideal material for you if you are looking for a robust timber. Sapele is a resistant wood with high tolerance against indentation, bending, shock resistance.

When newly cut the heartwood of Sapele is pink but then darkens to a red-brown or purple brown on exposure. Planed Sapele timber has a wonderful finish and is often used for Sapele furniture and Sapele cabinetmaking, doors, stairs and Sapele window frames.

Is Sapele good for flooring?

Sapele wood is a medium textured and moderately dense exotic hardwood that is excellent for wood flooring applications.

Sapele is much harder than African or American mahogany, and in resistance to indentation, bending strength, stiffness, and resistance to shock loads, is practically equal to Oak.

Sapele is readily available for purchase at a much cheaper level than Mahogany. Because of its increased popularity and regular use as a substitute for Mahogany, this wood type is sometimes referred today as Sapele Mahogany.

Timber Details:

Available Dimensions:
Thickness: 8 - 90 mm
Width: 10 - 215 mm
Length: 600 - 4200 mm

Usage: External
This wood is for external applications (can be used internally if needed).

Material Type:

Durability Notes:
The heartwood of Sapele is moderately durable but is resistant to preservative treatment. The sapwood is vulnerable to the power-post beetle, and is moderately resistant to preservative treatment. Sapele is a good performer for external joinery and is relatively stable in service, needs to be painted or stained (and coats well). For areas of high exposure - consider a more durable hardwood.

Typical Uses:
Furniture and cabinetmaking, musical instruments, office furniture, kitchen cabinets, doors, stairs, window frames, boats, flooring and sports goods. Decorative veneer from choice logs is used for marquetry, panelling and cabinetwork. Sapele is also rotary-cut for plywood.

Reviews - Sapele:

Customer reviews: 4.90 / 5.0, based on 1 reviews.

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