How to Use Sawn Timber - 3 Awesome Ways

How to Use Sawn Timber

There are many different ways to use sawn timber from construction to home improvement and interior design, in this article we aim to show you a range of applications and hopefully inspire you to come up with even more ways once you get thinking about it. There are also a variety of timbers you can use as sawn timber, from ash, beech, oak and pine all being readily available for sawn timber, the choice allows you to have plenty of options on the finish colour, grain, and visual nots in the wood. Whether you want to make furniture for your home, create some art or even make something useful such as a chair or table - there's plenty of ways to use sawn timber and here are three of the best.

1. Decorate Your Home With Sawn Timber

Using sawn timber to decorate is a great way to use it, and this can be done with a range of timbers. You can use it as a wall decoration for example we have seen timber joined together and cut into shapes like hearts and starts in various sites and used as abstract wall art. Another use could be table decorations such as rustic looking coasters, name place holders for weddings or even small rustic love hearts cut from the timber. You may want to sand any rough edges off the timber or leave it with a natural finish. You don't need to paint it or stain sawn timber if you don't want to. Using rough timber is a great way to add a touch of character to your home, without having to spend too much. You can use a range of different timbers for this depending on your price rage and aesthetic requirements.

Some examples of home decoration using timber:

2. Make Furniture Out Of Sawn Timber

Making furniture for you home is a great way to use sawn timber. There are a number of products you can create using the rough cut timer, these include tables and bespoke shelving. The advantage of buying sawn timber boards to make your own furniture is you can cut and plane it as you wish. Timber is a very workable material and will allow you to explore your creativity to improve the interior design of your home.

Some examples of homemade furniture using timber:

3. Create Artwork From Sawn Timber

If you have a creative side and like to dabble in art, sawn timber is an excellent and affordable way to create some art. Whether you want to paint a picture on a unique canvas, turn a timber board into a piece of art or even make a sculpture, there's plenty of ways to use sawn timber to create art.

Some examples of using timber for art:

Ways to Use Sawn Timber Conclusion

Sawn timber is a great material for you to be creative in your home. Timber is not just a building material, it can be used for art installations, furniture making or simple home decorations or toys. Timber comes in various different colours and finishes. If you are a creative person then timber is a great material for you.

Published: 23/10/2022