How to accurately calculate the weight of wood


How do you measure the weight of timber without physically weighing it? The most traditional way of doing it is to first research the density of the timber, taking into account the moisture content of the timber, age of the timber, the timber source location, how long and even if its been kin dried. Then use the width height and thickness of the timber and multiply it by the quantity required. Then repeat this process of each timber you need the weight. Or you could simply use an online tool.

Wooduweigh - the online timber weight calculator.

WooduWeigh is a online tool brought to you by WoodU,. The team behind and WooduWeigh is an real time timber calculator that uses a bespoke wood density algorithm to allow anyone to calculate the weight of multiple materials and is completely free to use.

Unlike other calculators this tool allow you to build a list of multiple woods in multiple sizes to give a full breakdown of weight all in one place. The density algorithm is regularly monitored and updated to ensure it provides a near accurate estimate of the total material weight.

Why would you use an online wood weight calculator?, well there are many reasons, the primary one being logistics for transportation. Woodubuy uses the same weight calculation to accurately price delivery of your timber order based on the total order weight. Not only do we produce an accurate delivery rate but we also use this tool to automatically select the most appropriate method of transportation to deliver you timber order.

Wooduweigh is a free tool to use and you can even save your weight estimates for future reference or sharing with an architect, customer or site foreman.

View the timber weight calculator:

Published: 12/10/2022

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