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For many years now, the primary offering from the WoodU group has provided multiple quotes for bespoke woodworking projects from joinery firms across the UK, now a new service has been launched, utilising the quoting algorithm of Wooduchoose to provide real time estimates for Sawn and Planed Timber.

The new service is called Woodubuy ( and aims not only to be a direct retail sales point for timber, but also to become a resource for articles, news, FAQs and hints and tips for everyone in the woodworking industry, from amateurs to professionals.

The site initially will sell only Planed timber and Sawn timber in multiple hard and softwoods but will soon be offering real time quotes in timber profiles such as Architrave and Skirting boards. This new service will work alongside the estimating engine of Wooduchoose which continues to provide multiple quotes to customers within 24 hours. The main difference between the two services is that on you can buy timber instantly without waiting for multiple quotes, for those who wish to buy in real time, whereas on Wooduchoose, if you have time, you can shop around for multiple quotes.

Woodworking Industry Articles

Woodubuy has already launched with two interesting industry articles:

How to measure Sawn Timber:
What is the difference between PSE and PAR:

In the coming months more resources and articles will be added to help support the timber industry, something that the WoodU group is known for. In 2021 WoodU launched a free service for industry professionals to calculate the weight of timber, the free service known as Wooduweigh can be found at:

The Wooduweigh tool is not the only free service we offer. Within the website there is a dedicated section for Architects, which is completely free. This platform provides unlimited free downloads of technical drawings of timber profiles.

Future Plans for

In the coming weeks and months, we will be introducing more services and offerings from the WoodU group, designed specifically to help grow and develop the woodworking industry in the United Kingdom.

Published: 03/09/2022

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