All you need to know about European Beech.

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EUROPEAN BEECH timber Overview

The sapwood of European Beech is hard to differentiate from the heartwood. The colour varies from whitish to very pale brown, and may darken to a pale pinkish-brown. Typically steamed Beech differs from unsteamed due to the overall pink-red shade, it turns to a deeper reddish-brown with steaming.

Beech is fairly plain and consistent throughout and overall there are only subtle grain changes and character. It has a straight grain with fine, even texture and a tiny short flecks that are uniquely characteristic with Beech.

Sometimes the wood has a dark red heart or darker veining. Quarter sawn, it may display an attractive broad ray figure on radial surfaces.

EUROPEAN BEECH timber Specification

Botanical Name: Fagus sylvatica (Fagaceae)
Material Type: Hardwood
Durability: Non Durable
Workability: Workable
Price Rating: Medium
Material Grade: Medium
Weight: 720 kg/m3
Typical Tree Height: 30m
Trunk Diameter: 1.2m
Length Ranges:1.8-4.2m
Width Ranges:100-250mm
Colour: Light Brown

Interesting facts about European Beech

Also Called:
English Beech, French Beech, Danish Beech, Romanian Beech.

Durability Notes:
Beech is non-durable and can be vulnerable to the common furniture beetle and the death-watch beetle plus Longhorn beetle can attack the sapwood.

The drying and seasoning of Beech (Euro) is dependant on a number of factors; the speed in which it is processed after felling and logging, the method of drying and the specific kilns or location (if air dried). Generally the care taken by those processing the wood will have an impact on its drying and seasoning. As an overview; Beech (Euro) - It dries fairly quickly, but can warp, check, split and shrink. Care is needed in both air and kiln-drying. Please note that all wood is liable to move when in service plus there can be dimensional change. The extent of this will depend on; the stability of the species itself, the conditions it is exposed to, the coating, decoration and protection.

Beech is very suitable for steam-bending and is often used for this. It has medium stiffness and high crushing strength. Beech has a tolerable blunting of cutters and tools. For nailing and screwing pre-drilling is necessary. Beech glues easily, stains and dyes well and takes an excellent finish. It is a very good wood for turning.

Typical Uses:
Solid and laminated furniture such as decks, benches and chairs (including bentwood furniture), quality joinery, kitchenware, tools, tool handles and workbenches, turnery, musical instruments, toys, bobbins, domestic flooring, decorative veneers and plywood.

Spiritual Properties:
The beech tree and its wood represent creativity, leadership and friendship.

Wood Worker's Thoughts:
Nice to work with and finishes well. Grain tight and consistent although can be seen as uninteresting. Overall a very good light coloured hardwood.

Commonly asked questions about Euro Beech Wood

Is Beech a hardwood or a softwood?
Beech is a hardwood. It is the same for Euro Beech hardwood.

What colour is Euro Beech?
Euro Beech can be described as light brown, white/cream (very light brown)

Is Euro Beech good for exterior use?
Euro Beech is most suited for interior/interior use. Euro Beech can be used as an exterior/external timber (without treatment).

How long do European beech trees live?
Beech may live for 350 years (if managed as a pollard), although 250 may be more typical on many sites.

European Beech - WHERE IT GROWS

European beech is native from the southern parts of Sweden and Norway to Spain, Italy, Greece and northeast Turkey and Ukraine. It is a common tree in the “old world” where it is often found in association with oaks, European fir and Norway spruce.

European beech commonly grows in Europe, UK and New Zealand

The difference between European beech and American beech?

American beech can be distinguished from European beech as its blue green leaves have 9-14 pairs of veins per leaf while European beech has only 5-9 pairs per shiny, dark green leaf. American Beech leaves turn a lovely yellow-gold in the fall, and often persist on the tree throughout the winter.

what is European beech used for:

European beech is widely used for furniture framing and carcase construction, flooring and engineering purposes.

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Ash (American White) Beech (European)

Published: 21/01/2023

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