Planed Timber: What is it Used For?

what is planed timber

Planed timber has lots of uses for both home DIY enthusiasts and woodworking industry professionals. In this article we focus on some of the most popular, but not restrictive, uses and applications of planed timber.

Planed Timber Vs Rough Cut Sawn Timber.

Firstly let us explain the difference between planed timber and rough cut sawn timber. The answer to this is quite simple, planed timber is sawn rough cut timber that has each of its four sides planed to a smooth finish rather than just being cut to size. Rough sawn timber can look unattractive with a non uniformed visual finish and can often have lots of splinters. Each length of planed timber or PAR (Planed All Round Timber) comes from a nominal board size piece of timber, when buying timber to be planed please make sure you read our planed timber finished size guide article to make sure you order the correct board size for the perfect finish after planing.

The Uses of Planed All Round Timber:

Some people may say that bespoke sawn timber is an expensive option compared to off the shelf MDF timber or standard hardwood boards, but there is something special about timber, it is a natural and very sustainable product and with real timber the finish is almost always stunning. When buying a timber check its durability and workability, most quality retailers will provide this information. You will also need to check the sustainability of the timber for your desired use, for example if the timber best suited in internal or external usage.

Traditionally the two most common uses for planed timber in home improvement or construction projects is wooden flooring and internal shelving, let us explain more.

Planed Timber for Shelving:

Possibly the most easiest and simplest application of planed timber. Simply choose your timber, measure what you need and order. There are multiple shelf fittings available from decorative to floating. Many will argue that buying planed timber for shelving is an expensive option, but it gives you the flexibility to order the exact sizes you need and have full control of the finish, whether you choose to stain or polish the timber or not. Bespoke timber for shelving is an excellent option for home improvement as you have the ability to match timber's throughout your home, from flooring to windows.

When choosing timber for shelving we recommend Cherry, Sapele and Southern Yellow Pine. If you are looking for something special then Black American Walnut is always a favourite.

Wood Flooring using Planed Timber:

Probably the popular usage of timber in home improvement is flooring due to the amount of flooring styles and patterns, along with the high visual impact of a beautiful wood floor displaying the grain and knots in its full glory.

When selecting the best timber for wooden flooring there are lots of options, you need to consider, including the wood colour, whether you would like a decorative timber with lots of knots and grains. Will the timber floor have a high traffic flow, if so it either needs to be a very durable timber or handle stain and protection well. This may sound alarming but installing wooden flooring from planed timber is quite simple and there are many guides and videos available online. Working with a natural product gives you a bit of flexibility when installing yourself.

For timber flooring we recommend Black Walnut, European Oak and Douglas Fir.

What else can Planed Timber be used for?

There ae multiple uses for planed timber in home improvement and construction, these include the following:

  • Sash Windows
  • Wooden Furniture
  • Decking
  • Garden Chairs

These are just a few examples and in reality planed timber can be used for any joinery or woodworking project you have.

Planed Timber usage conclusions:

In this article we have explained the difference between planed timber and sawn timber. We have then focused on two main uses for planed timber, namely flooring and shelving. Whilst buying bespoke planed timber can be viewed as more expensive than the pre-cut timber and MDF products, but it is not the same product therefore prices cannot be compared. Planed timber is a wonderful material which when used well can greatly improve the visual brilliance of any interior design or home improvement project.

Published: 18/10/2022

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